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#myspacedev jam Sydney 0.1

Went to the inaugural MySpace Dev Jam in Sydney today. Great chance to hear from some startups that are doing some work with MySpace and an extremely funky venue (see some pics here). It was interesting to see how they are using Open Social and they have extended this in some areas too.

Firstly we heard from Jeremy LeBard about his project BookTagger which has launched a My Space application. He spoke frankly about the good and the bad. Interestingly the key good point from his perspective is the support from the local MySpace office team.

Then Jodee Rich gave us a quick preview of his new project PeopleBrowsr, which is still in alpha testing. Looked like a really cool application (can’t wait to get my hands on this one). Jodee also shared some good advice on doing a startup, doing offshore development, and some pros & cons of the various social networks for developers.

Finally, Daniel Reyes from MySpace gave us a demo of how easy it is to build a simple application. At this stage I had to dash out to a meeting so missed the rest of the time to build an application. But plan to give it whirl soon.

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire

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  1. Kate Carruthers

    There was some limited discussion of Facebook (bearing in mind it was an official MySpace sponsored event). Mainly about their different approach & why MySpace went with Open Social. Also Jodee talked a bit about the differences between building Facebook & MySpace apps. For both speakers the main differentiator seemed to be the local support for My Space rather than any tech issues.