Offensive application behaviour in Facebook

This image shows yet another offensive way of interacting with people who do not want to add your application in Facebook. Here the application still wants you to log in merely so it can then never annoy you again.

It is just plain annoying – this kind of application rudeness is really turning Facebook into a utility where I keep contact details rather than a social networking medium where I spend a lot of time (which might be bad for advertisers???).

I’m certainly putting a lot more time into other social networking applications that don’t allow or enable this kind of offensive behaviour.

Now don’t even let me get started on the evil Facebook applications that force (blackmail?) users into inviting all of their friends merely to unlock the next feature!


2 thoughts on “Offensive application behaviour in Facebook

  1. That is very rude.I tend to use Facebook to keep track of workmates (about 40 people), but don’t mind it much more than a tool for personal details and c****y chain letters.


  2. I am not sure to understand your anger. The application has no way to stop its users sending you invites if it doesn’t know who you are. And the only way to know who you are is to have you log in at least once.I think that allowing people to block all invites from your application is a good (and brave) move towards “cleaner” applications.Actually, I would like to add this feature to my future applications, but now I’m afraid people will think it’s rude, for some reason 🙂


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