High tea #STUB

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High tea STUB, originally uploaded by kate.carruthers.

Some of the @STUB (a.k.a. Sydney Twitter Underground Brigade) met for high tea at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney yesterday. It was an interesting change from our usual venue (pubs or bars).

One of the main topics of conversation was the new 3G Apple iPhone (a.k.a. the ‘Jesus phone‘ as the SMH called it yesterday). The juxtaposition of the high tech discussion and lovely olde worlde venue was great. The high tea was also very delicious – even providing gluten free menu options.

Power limits the real growth of new technology

Every home in the developed world has a plethora of devices and gadgets being recharged. Old houses don’t even have sufficient power outlets to manage the demand.

That is why we really need ways to recharge all our equipment without plugging it into a power outlet on the wall. Thus some of the new products that are really interesting are those that help solve this problem.

Springwise talks about some of them, and my favourite is one that lets you recharge your mobile phone by moving or dancing. How much fitter would we be if everyone charged their phones like this?