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Enterprise 2.0 is Innovation

Spoke at the Enterprise 2.0 for Information Professionals conference in North Sydney yesterday – my slides are on slideshare – and was grateful for the opportunity to consider enterprise 2.0 adoption. Some really good questions from the floor (HT: @chieftech, @innotecture, @kdelarue) about how it relates to innovation prompted some further insights on my part.

The entire process of adopting enterprise 2.0 is an innovation activity. It is about driving new ways of interacting between people and with new technology. It is about using this technology to enable new connections and to deepen collaborative capabilities within and beyond the organisation.

Thus the implementation of enterprise 2.0 would be prey to all of the challenges of innovation. This means that change management, stakeholder management and project management skills must all be employed to enable adoption within the organisation. Fun stuff!

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