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Interesting Corporate Blog

Have been thinking and talking to lots of people about Enterprise 2.0 recently and came across an interesting blog by some people at Oracle in Australia. Their blog – The Red Room – is a great example of grass roots corporate blogging to reach out to stakeholders.

It is really worth a look as these folks seem to be engaged in genuine dialogue and communication (very un-Oracle if you know what I mean).

The blog aggregates stuff they find interesting around the traps and shares useful Oracle technology related information. They are also experimenting with different media such as podcasts and slideshows to see what works.

Good to see a human face on such a big company for a change! Impressive that Oracle is communicating on a human level for once.

0 thoughts on “Interesting Corporate Blog”

  1. What is less impressive is the double-tap typo in the right-hand column:"For Fun Carls Latest Photo's"-> "For Fun Carl's Latest Photos"Businesses would be well-reminded that even casual, social media communications are a representation of their brand, and should be reviewed as such.