Continued erosion of traditional broadcast media channels

The old media (a.k.a. heritage media) versus new media discussion continues to rage amongst the cognoscenti but the facts are speaking for themselves.

Brian Steinberg writing in Ad Age reports that:

“Continued audience erosion, combined with the effects of the writers strike, helped drive the average cost for a 30-second commercial in prime time down 4.1% to $130,089 during the 2007-2008 season, according to an analysis performed by independent media agency TargetCast TCM. The drop marks the second consecutive seasonal decline in pricing for 30-second TV ads and represents a noticeable widening over last season’s 0.7% drop. The analysis showed prime-time ratings for the four major broadcast networks fell 13% last season. TV-ad time pricing is based on the number of viewers a network can deliver for a marketer. When ratings go down, so do prices for the ads.”

Advertising will move to where the audience is no matter what esoteric debate the professionals want to have about which media channel is better or more appropriate. The trend towards erosion in advertising value of free to air television continues. The trend towards advertising via new media channels also continues.


2 thoughts on “Continued erosion of traditional broadcast media channels

  1. It’s true but freeTV still dwarfs online and extrapolating trends can be a very tricky business


  2. Trevor – agree re the raw numbers but we are seeing a trend. So am not arguing (yet) that weight of numbers is away from free to air TV. But still argue that the trend is there and is likely to accelerate – not necessarily towards pay TV either. Perhaps to other entertainment, maybe online?


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