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3 simple ideas for assessing a web page

I have been out visiting regional areas in NSW and talking to small business owners about their websites, online marketing, social media and social networking recently. It has really clarified three things I think a website needs to tell a new visitor within the first few seconds:

  1. who you are
  2. what you do
  3. what you want them to do on the site

Lots of websites don’t do these three simple things and so I click away and, very likely, many others do the same.

It is a simple idea and it is worth having another look at your website in the light of these three items.

0 thoughts on “3 simple ideas for assessing a web page”

  1. And for bricks and mortar businesses, e.g. a restaurant, make it easy to find you in the real world.*All* websites must make it easy send an email.I’m surprised how many fail

  2. Good advice. Obviously there may be exceptions, but some businesses make it so hard to find out from their Website where they are physically, opening hours, methods of payment accepted, how to contact them by phone, etc etc. I should tell you about my “Website Engineering Approach” sometime that relates to this.