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Over web 2.0 and not talking about it any more

Bye Bye Web 2.0

In fact, I’ve always been uncomfortable with the term web 2.0 and it is seriously starting to annoy me now.  Thus I have decided to excise it from my vocabulary.  

Henceforth it shall be referred to throughout my domain as social computing – and that term encompasses all ideas, notions and stuff (like social media, new media, social networking, etc) that used to be called that other name.

There I feel much better now!  But I still like my reflective logos 🙂

UPDATE 23 Oct 2008:  I’m including the term web x.0 in this ban, so don’t expect me to talk about web 3.0, web 4.0, or any other x.0!   Thanks to @wmeissner for helping to clarify this 🙂

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