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And how do YOU decide how/what/when to blog?

GirlTUB mafia

Unlike the esteemed SilkCharm who tapped me to answer this question my blog is essentially self-indulgent.

This blog is called Aide-mémoire for a reason, primarily because I wanted a place to record my musings and ideas that seem interesting to me.  It’s a personal blog. For some reason I cannot think while writing on paper so an electronic medium is more effective.

Usually my posts are sparked by a conversation (either online or offline), something in the media, an RSS feed, or on Twitter. Generally the inspiration is from a person or a relationship of some kind (the picture above shows some of the people who’ve inspired me to write stuff – photo credit @Trib).

Because it is a personal blog focused on things that interest me there are a variety of themes. Including – LOLcats, social computing, the changing nature of traditional and new media, people, communication, politics, technology and humour.  But since I really am a bit of a geek the themes tend to revolve around technology.

The how is easy. An idea hits, I think about it, discuss it with friends, research it a bit if necessary and then write it. This can be anything from a 5 minute to a 5 week process depending on the idea. I don’t pay any attention to SEO or analytics.  I am really happy when another human reads these posts and engages in a comment or tracks me down on another channel, like Twitter (@kcarruthers), for a constructive conversation.

Now there’s a bunch of great blogs in my RSS reader – here’s a few worth a look:

  • Sramana Mitra – where I go to learn about tech business
  • ChiefTech – he is da man for enterprise RSS
  • Stilgherrian – always charming & erudite [Update: @PeterBlackQUT rejects this characterisation & suggests “offesive or provocative” is a better fit.  I respond that @Stilgherrian can be charming but that I make no warranty as to when he might do so. No debate was entered into regarding the term “erudite”.]
  • Meterand – serial entreprenuer & all round nice guyCatherine Eibner – Microsoft geek guru girl

I wonder how these folks will answer the question (shoulder tapping here) how do YOU decide how/what/when to blog?

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