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Key Themes from Gartner ITxpo 2008

Have been visiting with the folks at Gartner and if they are right then the following topics will be popular next year with the corporate IT world:

  • cloud computing
  • web 2.0
  • democratization of applications
  • consumerization of IT
  • green computing
  • the hype cycle
  • did I mention cloud computing & web 2.0?
  • unified communications
  • social media in the enterprise
  • and did I mention cloud computing?

My predictions for 2009?

  • Those of us who are already pretty sick of the term web 2.0 are really going to be tired of it after talking about it for another year.
  • Cloud computing will remain an ill-defined term that we will talk about endlessly for the next 3-4 years. Debates will rage as on topics such as if putting your servers into a utility based data centre is really ´cloud´ computing or if it only counts if you move your applications onto Amazon or Google.
  • While many will talk about green computing nobody will actually do anything with it unless they can mount substantial cost saving arguments & demonstrate some genuine business value above & beyond feeling morally upright.

One very interesting thing is that Gartner people are out there experimenting with some social media (like Twitter, @Gartner_inc) and getting involved in conversations.

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  1. Great to meet you at the event. Thanks for your reference about Gartner’s use of social software. It’s really become a central part of what we do now, which is really exciting.Andrew Spender (@caspender)