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Next generation of the web & Kevin Kelly’s vision

I’ve been thinking a lot about the next generation of the web after reading Kevin Kelly’s posts last year on the internet of things.

Recently Kevin spoke at the Web 2.0 Summit and discussed some of his ideas for the future of the web. The interesting thing from my perspective is the realization that until now we have really only focused on the front end of the web with web 2.0 and RIAs. But what will really enable to next big step forward for the web is all that stuff that is important for enterprise applications – like integration, SOA, and databases.

We’ve already seen what happens when a seemingly simple application like Twitter becomes a part of the fabric of daily life and then fails on availability and reliability. Thus we are going to see a big move to those boring enterprise IT concepts of reliability, resilience, and scalability for our web applications. I suspect that we will see more focus on the backend and mid-tier to enable this.

The Kevin Kelly video is well worth a look …