One person deciding to make a difference

A buddy has really impressed me with his desire to create community and do something positive for the environment. He did a letterbox drop of 200 homes with the message below. This is a really great example of thinking globally and acting locally. I think I’ve almost persuaded him to start a blog so we can see what happens.

– You can choose to shape your future –

Dear Friend,

My name is Inderjeet and I am your neighbour at [address deleted] Kellyville NSW. I work full time and am married with two young children. I have often thought about contributing to a healthier and cleaner environment for the future of our children and the next generations. However, I never got a chance to focus on and actively contribute to this area.

To create a safer, healthier environment always seems like somebody else’s problem (e.g. governments, councils, business and environmental activists). We all live busy lives and it seems days, weeks and months fly past without us taking any action at home to reduce waste and our carbon footprint (*).

As a result I have initiated a community project and I would like to invite you to be part of this programme which aims:
1. To create greater awareness about carbon footprints created through our daily activities
2. To help us measure the impact of what we do on our environment
3. To help you to choose ways to reduce your own carbon footprints
4. To acknowledge your achievements and celebrate with your family and neighbours
5. To help make Kellyville, Beaumont hills and Castle Hill – “green” neighbourhoods through your individual practices and commitment.

I am reaching out with this message to 200 households in the area.

If you, like me, want to make a difference to the environment for our children and future generations, please SMS or email me by 15 November 2008. I am keen to talk to you. Together we can promote better practices in households throughout our neighbourhoods and reduce our carbon footprint.

The details of the next steps will be provided after you make initial contact and express your interest in your participation. It is planned to arrange our first planning/brainstrom meeting by the 4th week of November 2008.

Being a community project, it is important that people engage in this initiative on their own and contribute as much as or as little as they can. Every bit counts….Together we can make a huge difference. If you can’t participate in this programme directly, please also let me know and you can still benefit through shared learnings from other participants and thus promote the cause.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully


(*) What is our Carbon Footprint? Many of our daily actions generate carbon emissions, which contribute to accelerating global warming and climate change. This is called our carbon footprint-an indication of the effect we have on the climate in terms of the total amount of greenhouse gases we produce (measured in units of carbon dioxide).