Internet filtering in Australia

I found it mildly ironic to walk past a church in the central business district of Sydney yesterday to see a banner protesting against the great firewall of China when Australia is about to implement the same thing. A number of bloggers are writing and taking various forms of action against the great Australian firewall. There is also a website called No Clean Feed.

I’ve written a letter to Stephen Conroy, the minister responsible (and have not had the courtesy of a reply as yet though).

But one discussion that I’ve found to be measured and thoughtful was one by Nick Hodge, A Pragmatic Proposal: ISP Filters. This one is worth a look. And while you’re at it also check out what Stilgherrian has to say on the matter. Silkcharm also has an excellent video response to the proposal. There’s lots more out there too.

This is an issue all Australians should be concerned about – if they censor this what will they censor next?

I will add more links as people let me know:

Keith De La Rue
Stilgherrian & Ian Wolfe discuss the issues

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