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Social Media Community Building 2008

In Sydney we have had a great year of building a lively and vibrant social media community. Late last year many individuals decided that they wanted to be more connected with other people who were active in the areas of technology startups, entrepreneurial ventures and social media. As a result a number of initiatives happened throughout the year:

Twitter has been a key tool in getting these various groups together and building a sense of community. We have also used Google Groups, Facebook, Upcoming and plain old-fashioned email.

How do I know it is a community? The results are there. People have got to know each other in real life. There have been squabbles, there has been cooperation, there have been many ideas shared, there’s been fun and a few drinks along the way.

All in all a good year for the social media community in Sydney.

What really stood out for me is what an amazing bunch of talented, enthusiastic, and motivated people we have around. It has been great to be part of this community building and I’m looking forward to the mayhem we can create next year.

BTW don’t forget the inaugural CupcakeCamp Sydney is on in Feb 2009!