Impressive recent conference – eLearning08

I’ve been to a lot of conferences but one of the most impressive in terms of logistics and use of social media was eLearning08.

Held at the Roundhouse at University of NSW in Sydney this conference was for RTOs (registered training organisations) who are working to embed e-learning as a key aspect of their business strategy.

The format of the conference was interactive, as well as providing traditional keynotes and panel sessions. This participation model was particularly effective and great discussion and active knowledge sharing was obvious.

The organisers of this conference did a great job. The logistics were superb, the wifi reliable, the food yummy, and the active participation was great.

I learned a great deal from seeing the presentations of the various training organisation’s project results. Many of the RTO presentations were really inspiring stories and are worth catching up with here.

Some of the social computing tools that were integrated into the conference included the following, some as demonstrations and others as social media and broadcasting:
FlickR tools
Online image editors
Using blogger
Digital Storytelling
Recording audio