What is the Frugal Agenda for 2009?

I’ve been thinking about questions that I need to answer so as to live a more frugal life. So here are some of the questions and issues that this blog is going to investigate during 2009:

  • How to achieve a simpler lifestyle
  • What are the essentials for a frugal life?
  • How to Thrive on Less
  • Focusing on enough, not more stuff (and how to be happy anyway)
  • How to get started by making small financial changes
  • How to manage large expenses frugally over the long term
  • Simple ways to change spending habits
  • Simple steps to getting out of debt
  • Tools for a frugal life
  • Resources for a frugal life

That sounds like a good start on a frugal approach to daily life.

Best wishes to everyone for 2009