Tips for frugal living

This post will be updated regularly with tips people share:

  • for some #frugal ideas @alecthegeek
  • collect as many airline travel kits as possible. Save on travel supplies and bags are useful for laptop kit etc. @alecthegeek
  • Buy good quality windows laptop and install Ubuntu. Secure and ‘just works’ but $1000 cheaper than Macbook @alecthegeek
  • shower’s hot water down to its min of 37C, and now add cold water. No idea if I’ll survive winter. @garthk

Author: Kate Carruthers

Sometimes I feel like being a revolutionary cat.

One thought

  1. buy felt dusting rags and put them in your swiffer mop instead of costly refill pads that just create extra waste. when i’m done i just toss them in the wash and resuse them over again.


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