The Business Card Dilemma

In 2009 it is imperative to embrace change and find a better way to manage all the cards collected in the course of business.

At present the business cards pile up, then I wrap them with rubber bands. There is no real structure or process.

So the plan is to solicit advice from people for good ways to manage the deluge of cards and to store them in a more orderly fashion.

If you’ve got any ideas please post a comment, thank-you.


4 thoughts on “The Business Card Dilemma

  1. I was looking for the exact post that I saw online, but I can’t seem to find it – anyway, some organizing place used push pins on a bulletin board to hang business cards that had been clipped together with binder clips. The Business cards could be organized by topic – household, restaurants, colleagues – whatever you need. Or they could be hung up alphabetically. The article I saw put a business card sized label as the exterior card so each category was easily identifiable. Of course all the binder clips of business cards were arranged all neat, in a row on a pristine bulletin board. It was a great idea, even if it wasn’t totally neat LOLI found you through NaBloPoMo


  2. Some of the USB card scanners are getting really advanced and cool. Most of them come with some form of OCR software as well… straight into Address Book type thingy’s.. And you can leave Notes and keywords on them (where you met the person, etc…)


  3. I too have piles of business cards on my desk, and in drawers hiding away. They are roughly grouped into category, and I like flicking through them when I’m looking for one specific, as it prompts me to contact others in the pile. I like the idea of the pinboard and bulldog clips though.


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