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Why LinkedIn works for me

LinkedIn has become an essential business networking tool over the past year or so. It is taking even more prominence now that we are seeing an economic downturn.

They have made a steady stream of changes and improvements to the site, avoiding the flashy and gimmicky. LinkedIn seemed to realise early on that they were a serious site and did not need to provide fun for members. Instead they have implemented a series of really useful networking tools:

  • groups
  • public profiles
  • introduction facilities
  • free and pro accounts
  • recruitment

A number of people just find LinkedIn to be a bit of a waste of time and space. But as a mobile professional I’ve found it to be a useful way to keep track of a wide-ranging group of business contacts.

LinkedIn is a low key business networking tool that does not require annoying updates. I can control who can contact me or see my details. It makes staying in touch with professional contacts so much easier, and recruiters can find me so easily.

Perhaps this is part of the answer to my business card dilemma?

0 thoughts on “Why LinkedIn works for me”

  1. All business cards I receive get “filed” in a desk drawer –after–I send a invitation.Best way to keep in contact.