Dear Viewers Using IE6

I don’t often just reproduce a copy of someone else’s blog entire post – but today I’ve made an exception for a good cause. My buddy @nickhodge has posted a heartfelt plea to people to upgrade from Internet Explorer version 6. It is reproduced in full but you can see in it’s glory over at his blog too.

Since Nick is a Microsoft uber guru type person his advice is worth taking. Also your continued use of IE6 causes untold pain for any IT support people and developers who have anything to do with you. Please upgrade!

On a personal note, I fully support this movement – words cannot explain how much pain cross browser testing for IE6 has caused me!


“Dear Internet Explorer 6.0 (IE6) Users,

Only 20% of browsers in the world are still using IE6, and 22% of visitors to this site are still using IE6. IE6 is the work of the evil @basementcat. I strongly suggest you upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or 8.

Why? Later browsers support more web sites, especially the many that are now written with Web Standards in mind. Sites designed with Web Standards render quicker as browsers do not have to magically interpret bad code.

Also, security. As Microsoft takes Internet security seriously, there are strong features in Internet Explorer 8 to stop nasty things happening.

So, please upgrade your browser.