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Twitter is either dying or going mainstream?

Funny how some things change and others don’t. Back in the early part of 2008 stories of Twitter’s demise were prevalent. I saved this Hitwise chart back in July 2008, which showed how UK traffic was trending upwards. From the perspective of 2009 we can see Twitter remains resilient and has made some significant improvements.

Stories about the demise of Twitter remind of me of that Mark Twain story – perhaps they are slightly exaggerated?

Twitter Prediction #1 for 2009: we can expect to see a plethora of prognostications about Twitter – the platform (its potential scalability, security flaws, etc); their business model (its existence at all, its general crapness, or its sheer genius); and their imminent demise (all of which might or might not be true).

Twitter Prediction #2 for 2009: we can expect to see a multitude of articles, blog posts and videos that tell us how Twitter is really going mainstream now (or not depending on the author’s viewpoint).

[Chart Source: RobinGoad @ Hitwise]