Does sharing your goals with others help?

I’ve been a big fan of telling as many people as possible about my goals so it is harder for me to back out of them. Also getting people to join in with me is very helpful. It is encouraging when there is more than one person working to achieve the same goal.

Yesterday I discovered a great online tool for getting people to join with you on endeavours. It is called PledgeBank [HT: @stephtara]. The site works on the basis of:

“I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help”

The idea is to use positive peer pressure to improve the community. I’ve signed up to the Ada Lovelace Day pledge. There’s lots more challenges to check out on the site, and you can setup your own pledges really easily.

Go on set up a challenge and get some other people involved – I dare you!


2 thoughts on “Does sharing your goals with others help?

  1. Hi Rai, thanks for the link it, it has some great info that is relevant to the topic. Appreciate it 🙂


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