Why not give peace a chance?

rainbow_peace_symbolDuring our busy lives it seems to me that we often let the chances for peace pass us by. And how does this happen?

It happens with our reactions to things, to events, to words and actions by other people. For example, the snappy response to a question asked when we’re busy, or the angry outburst when things don’t go as expected. The responses we make to these things can often lead to friction or bad feelings.

One of my old bosses used to tell me that I needed to act not react. His idea was that reaction was an instinctive, visceral and almost unthinking response. While he believed that action was a considered response to a particular person or situation.

Just think about this for a moment:

  • What would happen if we decided not to react instinctively to people or situations?
  • What would happen if we decided not to protect ourselves before it was necessary?
  • What would happen if we took a few breaths before acting instead of simply reacting?

Would this give peace more of a chance to grow in our lives? I’m going to give it a try, it’s a simple change that will cost nothing and it might just make the world a slightly better place.


3 thoughts on “Why not give peace a chance?

  1. Kate – this was lovely to read first thing on a Sunday morning.

    Without being all ‘Deepak Chopra’, I am a huge believer in being awake & aware enough to think about the impact my words (and tone) have on other people; and the way my choices eventually come back and impact on me.

    The best advice I ever received was from my Dad.

    “Be generous – with your time, thoughts, judgements, resources, feelings….. just be generous.”

    Given he was one of the most admired men I’ve ever had in my orbit, the advice stuck!

    Thanks again – have a lovely Sunday!


  2. This is one of the wisest admonitions I’ve read in recent times. Truly, I will do more of acting than reacting. Our human instinct of “fighting back” does no good to peace and sensibility. Thanks a lot for the fine piece. Nwankama


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