Shanks’ Pony (a.k.a. taking a walk)

This fine institution – shanks’ pony – has been a vital part of human transport for generations. It is an old-fashioned term that means travelling by foot.

I’ve been experimenting with this novel concept all week. Walking between appointments in the city during the business day (rather than catching a taxi).

Some benefits of walking like this include:

  • getting some exercise
  • it’s cheap (in fact it’s free)
  • getting some fresh air
  • thinking time
  • lower carbon footprint

One thing that is making this possible for me is using a rolling laptop bag. Otherwise the thought of carrying around all my stuff (including laptop & work stuff) would be too depressing.  This wheeled bag has been a really good investment.


One thought on “Shanks’ Pony (a.k.a. taking a walk)

  1. what a novel idea! i’ve been working on this recently as well. it was hard to motivate myself at first but now i crave the sunshine and fresh air. i really enjoy having a chance to clear my head. (i’m also enjoying looser-fitting pants!) i like this site so i put a link to you on my blog- i hope you don’t mind! i’m


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