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News is really changing

There has been much talk of the death of mainstream media and the impact of the blogosphere on news gathering and journalism.  People have pontificated long and loud about the rise of citizen journalism.

But it seems that many have failed to see the breadth of this change. Thus not only is how we collect and disseminate news changing – from print newspapers and magazines to other kinds of news gatherers like citizen journalists and bloggers.  We are also seeing an evolution in the way that mainstream media can be consumed and brought together with other non-traditional news sources.

people-browsr.jpgA really interesting example of this changing nature of visualisation of mainstream news and the ability to link it to informal kinds of news (like microblogging) is Peoplebrowsr.

This application is still in alpha, and it is one of the more interesting ones that I’ve seen in the past few months.

While it has a bunch of really neat features that my inner geek loves,  there is one that has really got me thinking.  It is the one where you can click on a mainstream news source – like CNN – and then click on keywords in the newsfeed to find out what people are saying about that keyword on Twitter. This is a really revolutionary capability. It means we can move from formal news media sources to informal discussions about the news within a single interface.  Further we can then interact directly with those informal discussions.

In the screenshot below is the CNN news feed on the left and then upon clicking the phrase “John Updike” the panel on the right shows the tweets on that phrase.

Here we are seeing social computing technology being used to mashup mainstream media with information about social news in a new way.

And so the news revolution continues…



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  1. Priscilla Scala


    This is great, thanks for reviewing PeopleBrowsr and its news feature.

    I love the way you presented it, this is exactly what we have been dreaming about.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to use PeopleBrowsr and for your support.