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New venture: Silicon Federation

For many years I’ve worked at various levels in large corporate and government organisations in IT, web and marketing.  Often my boss or someone higher up in the organsation would ask me:

“What are other people doing?”

And it can be really hard to find out the answer to that one!

I’ve seen the need for a place to find out practical information about how technology is being applied in Australia, where you can find case studies from sources walking the talk and prepared to share their experiences openly.

Thus a new venture, called Silicon Federation, has been set up to help find answers to the tough questions, what’s working for others, the pitfalls to avoid, and the next steps. Please do click through and check out the new site and let us know your thoughts over on the Silicon Federation site.

I’m going to blog about this venture over there & keep this Aide-Memoire blog as the usual idiosyncratic and personal perspectives.

What the final nature of Silicon Federation is I don’t know – but it will evolve in the best web 2.0/perpetual beta tradition 😉