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Reducing my carbon footprint

A 2009 project is reducing my carbon footprint. A great by-product of this is that I am getting more exercise too.

The other day I walked approximately 5.5 kms to get between my appointments in the city.

The overall time for walking was about one hour, and this was split up over four walks.

An unanticipated benefit of these walks is thinking time between meetings. Usually I rush to get a taxi and rush right into the meeting.

But now with the little walks in between there is time to think, daydream and see what is going on around town.

As result I’m aware of how much construction is going on in the Sydney CBD these days, found a great bookshop down near World Square, and some good places to pick up lunch.

None of this was possible with my old model of rushing about in taxis.  And I get a good feeling from more exercise and knowing that my carbon footprint (among other things) is getting smaller.

0 thoughts on “Reducing my carbon footprint”

  1. Do you get to wear “sensible” shoes and a non-bizniz outfit? Just thinking about the summer heat and humidity…

    1. Definitely you need ‘sensible’ shoes for all that walking, I also use a trolley bag to carry all my stuff (including dress shoes to put on for meetings) – otherwise it is all just too hard.

  2. Good on you! I walk everywhere all the time. I drive about once a month. Like you, the thinking time and watching the city change and grow is wonderful.

    Shoes are the only thing that can make it difficult. I often carry a bag with my dressy shoes and wear sensible ones.

  3. I loved this. My carbon footprint is horrible. I drive the kids to school and then drive 45 minutes into town and drive back again to pick them up. When we lived closer to town, I would walk to school with them and walk back. I was always amazed how much you miss driving around. I used to love the meandering trips around our neighbourhood. Now my walking is pretty much limited to taking the dog for a walk at night and walking up stairs at work. Sad.