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Update on carbon footprint reduction

Well another great day of walking between meetings – 5.1 km today. This is only possible with some preparation.  It means that I need to sit down and plan my day so as to ensure sufficient time between meetings.  Also there are some tools that make it easier to do.

The essential tools are a wheeled bag and sensible shoes (the kind some of my girlfriends refer to as “lesbian walking shoes“). Although an umbrella is also a good idea – as today it rained as well.

image_197 copy

This picture shows my trolley bag – specially designed for laptops and it has backpack for use when wheels are unsuitable.  It also shows the very sensible shoes – black riding boots – from today.

With this bag and appropriate shoes it is easy to walk 5+ kms in a day – but in a Sydney summer a bottle of water is another good thing to pop into the bag.

0 thoughts on “Update on carbon footprint reduction”

  1. From my experience of walking around the CBD, along with a bottle of water I’d throw in an umbrella too – you never know with Sydney weather! Nothing worse than arriving at a meeting looking like a drowned rat.