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IE8 for home or corporates?

Finally finished installing IE8 on all our PCs at home this morning. I’ve been using it on my own machine for a few weeks now. I like it and have even made it the default browser for my PC. My favourite new feature is the Accelerators.

Must note however, that IE8 is not as zippy as some other browsers, so might not be good on a slower machine. But since FF3 has been chewing up all my resources on a regular basis since last update that’s not really a problem.

However, I do wonder what inroads IE8 will make in the corporate market, where IE6 still rules, given that many bespoke applications still only work with IE6. I suspect that testing overheads for compatibility will be a roadblock for corporate uptake during the global financial crisis.

Since we all want IE6 to die it would be helpful if future versions could be backwards compatible.