Connection – desire and distaste

A buddy, Iggy Pintado, has just published a book called Connection Generation which talks about how connection determines our place in society and business.

It’s an interesting idea and ties in nicely to my idea that the new digital divide is not between age cohorts, nor is it between the geeks and others. Rather the new digital divide is about our willingness to be connected.

The digital divide is not really about access to technology any more, except possibly for the poorest in our society. And, with the growth in social networking and the ease with which ordinary people can use it, individuals are now confronting a choice about how connected they really want to be.

People who have avoided any consideration about how connected they are to friends, family and businesses are now being forced to confront this issue.

Changes in technology, like the iPhone, are driving this change in people’s behaviour.  But still we are seeing people of every age choosing not to connect with social networks, mobile phones, email or the internet.  While others are embracing this new connectedness and integrating it into their lives.

Are you part of the connected generation? Check out this Facebook application if you want to find what kind of connector you are.

A really big question is what impact does the degree of connection an individual chooses have on their personal or professional lives? How will our desire or distaste for being connected determine our future?

BTW: I know Facebook has gone mainstream because my Auntie Doreen sent me a friend request earlier today.


2 thoughts on “Connection – desire and distaste

  1. Hi Kate
    I’m glad I found this post whilst I was thinking about Iggy’s new book Connection Generation and how I could be of assistance in recommending it to others.

    I like your idea of “willingness to connect” – I agree that is the main barrier to entry for most people today. not the technology. Like your Auntie Doreen example, I am noticing many people who would traditionally have shyed away from technology, start to participate in online communities. It’s getting easier for everyone.

    I hope to continue to educate others about the value of participating, my goal being to encouraging people to become more willing to connect and realise the benefits.

    I will share this post with my network too.



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