possum – magic – lithe

These are the words I threw out to David Niall Wilson when he asked for three words upon which he could base a poem.

Many others responded too and the results of his three word poems are here. There is not enough poetry in the modern world so it is great to see a good writer turning his hand to verse.

But the one he wrote for my words is:

There are magic places hidden deeper
Within the forest glens than you should go,
Cloaked by vines, and brush, and clinging creeper
Where nothing craving sunlight’s kiss can grow.
You’ll see the temptress in her shadow gown,
Wink and dance to steal your tender heart.
Her face is fair, her dark hair, soft as down,
Her dance a black seduction from the start.
Do not be fooled, avoid her lovely gaze,
The lithe and mesmerizing way she moves,
She promises the world, but means to raze,
Your soul, and trample you beneath her hooves
The wolf and bear and cougar lick her feet
The rabbit, possum, mole, and you? Her treat.

— David Niall Wilson


One thought on “possum – magic – lithe

  1. I’m a sucker for good poetry. There’s not much of it these days I’m afraid. All too self-indulgent.


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