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CeBIT Frolics

Believe it or not, I’ve attended CeBIT most years for ages. This is because, if you’re working in enterprise IT, it’s one of those conferences you and your boss tend to head along to together.

Over the years I thought it got a little stale and a bit predictable. But last year and this year the organisers have put in a big effort to refresh the format and content. This year CeBIT is having a web focused conference stream called WebForward@CeBIT.

On 14 May I’ll be joining Laurel Papworth, Stilgherrian, Nick Hodge, Hugo Ortega and chairman Jye Smith to discuss how you can “Capitalise on Social Media for Business”.

And, because I’m a panellist, I can access two tickets to the full 2-day conference at a discounted price of $178 + GST (instead of the listed $1295 + GST).

If you’d like to purchase one of these discounted tickets, let me know via email by 9am Sydney time on Wednesday 6 May. Explain why you’re deserving, and I’ll pick the two based on how I’m feeling at the time (whimsical I know, but that happens).

But wait, there’s more! If you miss out, you can still save $160 off the on-site registration price by using the promotional code carrwebca09 . Just insert the code when prompted during on-line registration at

Note: I shamelessly “leveraged” this idea from Stilgherrian’s website because he did it first & I’m too busy at the moment to be original – thanks Stil 😉