Comments on this blog

~ just saw an interesting question that came in as a comment on one of my posts recently. There’s been a bit of a backlog of comments awaiting moderation due to a busy schedule. A certain m.f.aurelius (whom I suspect is a mister) asked:

I’m wondering if it’s your policy to censor and edit comments, as you’ve done in the comments in response to this article? Is there any point to allowing comments on a blog if you edit them so as to alter their meaning?

It seems like a good time to explain my approach to this matter:

1: Please refer to the rules of engagement for this blog. If you don’t like them please feel free to go read & engage with other blogs.

2: I do not edit the content of comments, they are either approved and published or not published based on the principles outlined the rules of engagement. There is no compulsion for me to approve every comment posted.

3: Comments that disagree with posts have often been approved & published. Comments that include a combination of scatological, sexist and racist statements are generally deleted.