Live local challenge day 1

Well today has included a bit of win and a bit of fail for the challenge …


  • caught the train to the city & back for meetings
  • walked between meetings (even though it was raining)
  • had a good chat with the blokes at the takeway shop about where their produce came from – turns out their spices are the only thing that comes from far away (overseas via Bankstown)
  • decided against using the heater to keep warm (see picture on right)


  • did not manage to purchase any food for the house so resorted to takeaway
  • did not manage to buy any local wine either (suspect Hunter is closest for north side Sydney folks – does that mean I have to drink red?)
  • forgot to take my calico bag with me in case I bought any stuff (no good if it’s on the kitchen table and you’re in the city)


Things I have learned today include that living local requires more planning and forethought.  Everything I pick up needs to be thought about, labels to be read and trade-off decisions made.  In summary, better planning & lots more thought is on the agenda.

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7 thoughts on “Live local challenge day 1

  1. You are doing fine!

    Once your in the flow, its just becomes normal, the carry bags are in your back pack, you get to know which produce comes from where, you find outlets that supply local produce like Co-Ops (or you start one up).

    My grand parents generation didn’t use the car to shop and my mum always walked with the shopping trolley and string bags and she shopped more often so everything was fresh and carried less. Bread and milk was delivered to the door by horse and cart when they were young, local veggies the same. So it is all possible.


    1. You’re right, it’s about building up the habits. My Nanna never went anywhere without a string bag in her handbag & I’d forgotten that until I saw your comment. Thanks!


  2. My nanna is also an inspiration in her resourcefulness…whenever heading into the big city she’ll hop on the bus, drink her coffee at the shop – no takeaways – and shops for fresh local veggies at Paddy’s Market. At 85 years of age she is still a networker, and visits friends all over Sydney using the bus networks. She must have those bus timetimables wired into her System by now! She told me as a young girl she caught the Tram to Bondi beach and misses those days!


  3. You mean people don’t thoroughly plan their whole day with a mental ticklist of tasks? Who knew

    Just think … what would Neerav do and it will be the logical and most efficient choice 🙂


  4. One thing to remember about local and Australia-wide produce: we have officially iodine-depleted soil, and lack of iodine causes numerous health problems, particularly thyroid ones. We need to make sure we do some or all of these things:
    – eat plenty of seafood (easy in Sydney), including sea vegetables like kelp and nori
    – use iodised salt
    – take a multivitamin or other supplement which contains iodine. I think Blackmores is made in Australia, but many of the actual ingredients come from around the world, primarily Japan and Europe and sometimes China.


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