Live local challenge day 2 #livelocal

fresh produce live local challengeWell a lot more planning went into today after yesterday’s experiences. Due to my schedule there’s been some interesting decisions to make about transport too.


  • finally made it to the shops (a 30 km round trip) by car and combined the trip with taking a sick friend to the doctor
  • had conversations with people at the market stalls to find out where their produce came from
  • got zucchinis and carrots from Wallacia, free range eggs from Minchinbury, and mushrooms from somewhere out near Penrith (I can’t remember the place)
  • finally remembered to take my calico bag


  • could not find any tasty tomatoes from any closer than Hanwood (600 km from here, but they are really tasty) – suspect we’ll be growing our own tomatoes soon
  • nor could I find limes from any closer than “Australia” (who knows what that really means?)
  • discovered I need more reusable shopping bags than I currently own

Found out that quite a few people in shops don’t know where the stuff they sell comes from, it just appears from a wholesaler – so knowing the provenance of produce remains a challenge.

Still drinking my imported coffee (mainly because it was a 1 kg bag and there’s a lot left, it seems wasteful to buy more at this stage).

Due to business commitments I need to be in the city all afternoon and evening. This means that public transport is not an option for getting home.

The choice is between driving there & back or catching the train there and getting a (very expensive) taxi back. A combination of personal economics & the current rainy/cold weather led to a decision to take the car.

The entire Live Local process is causing me to be much more conscious about so many decisions that are typically made automatically. I’m definitely thinking more about journeys and how a single journey can be made to achieve more than one thing at a time.

The use of public transport in Sydney is really easy if you are on spoke and going straight into the city. But it is really hard and time consuming to go across town. I have regular business meetings in Parramatta, Ryde, North Ryde and the city – and this makes trying to bundle up meetings important but not always possible.

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4 thoughts on “Live local challenge day 2 #livelocal

  1. Lemdell mushrooms can come from Windsor and Camden 🙂

    Congrats on taking up the challenge – we grew tomatoes, blueberries and capsicums in our garden – capsicums are still going, Tomato plant now has it’s 2nd wind. We also have parsley, coriander, rosemary and thyme growing!


  2. I am led to believe that limes are grown in the NT (top end) and Woolworths are a major purchaser. I know they also grow limes in FNQ and Northern Rivers, NSW – would assume Woolies buy from those areas too.

    I have found asking the Food/Produce manager at my local Woolworths & Coles to be a good source of info … quite surprisingly so.


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