Live local challenge day 4 #livelocal

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is catch up with the neighbours about the challenge, but some are away on a long trip and everyone else is holed up inside waiting for the incessant rain to stop.

Normally this is a pretty social suburb and families get together to play soccer after school or to let the dogs run around off leash at the park.  Many others go for walks together or walk their dogs together.

But the rain means none of that is happening.  Sadly this has crimped my simple plan to pop over to the park and talk to everyone about the Live Local challenge.

If the rain stops today, the plan is to ride my bike to get some fresh bread from the local bakery.  Otherwise will need to take the car.  I will also check where the bakery gets their ingredients from.

On Monday I’m going to walk up to the local school (hopefully the rain will have passed) and see if they are interested in hearing about Live Local stuff.  Suspect they will be interested to hear about it as the school kids already have a vegie garden and make their own compost.

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One thought on “Live local challenge day 4 #livelocal

  1. Seeing as though it’s such a beautiful day, I’m also going to get on my bike today. I might even strike up a conversation with fellow bike riders that I see on my way.


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