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Live local challenge day 5 #livelocal

The rain finally stopped today and everyone in town took the opportunity to get out and about.

Parents had clearly sent their children out to run off some energy and it was nice to watch a couple of boys throw their boomerangs in the park.

The dogs finally got a chance to have a run off leash in the park too.

I had been invited to brunch in Bondi this morning, to consume exceptionally yummy chocolate products, but decided that I could not justify the approximately 80 km round trip. Nor could I consume the vast amounts of chocolate that I desired due to the distance it had travelled.

There’s no easy public transport options to get to Bondi from here either. Using public transport, the trip requires two trains and a bus, leaving home at 7.30 am to arrive in Bondi for 10.00 am meetup.

An alternative plan was to drive to the nursery to pick up some new plants – I’m doing another Live Local Challenge to help native bees. But decided that as the trip could not be done on my bike (too far & too much to fit in the basket) or public transport (none) it could wait and be combined with another car trip during the week.

For breakfast I had some boiled free range eggs that I found at the local supermaket (from Llandilo about 60 km away). Completely forgot to eat lunch & had a mid-afternoon cup of tea using mint from the herb garden out back. Dinner tonight is some more baked vegetables, including some nice corn from the local farmer’s market on day 1 – will be using rosemary from the herb garden out front for seasoning.

More info about the Live Local Challenge or follow the Twitter stream

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