Neighbourhood vegetable garden #livelocal

Finally braved the rain yesterday afternoon to visit a neighbour – who’s got a nice vegetable garden instead of lawn in her front yard (that’s a picture of it on the right).

She’s been away and it was our first chance to catch up in ages.

We chatted about the Live Local challenge and stuff over a cup of tea. Ok so the tea was Lapsang Souchong! But I was weak & a bit damp after my walk over 😉

This is a family who’ve really given sustainable living a lot of thought and effort. Amongst other things they:

  • keep chickens in the backyard
  • have a vegetable garden in the front yard
  • use water tanks
  • are installing a grey water system
  • have solar panels on their roof
  • drive a hybrid car

It has been raining so much here my water tank is full, and the rain looks like continuing for many days yet.  The rain did not stop most of Saturday so I didn’t go for a bike ride.  The weather does not look like clearing for several more days, so bike riding might be off the agenda until next week.

More info about the Live Local Challenge or follow the Twitter stream


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