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Live local challenge day 6 #livelocal

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One of the many things that this challenge has taught me is what season it is now. Up until this time I had never really bothered with little details like that because it did not matter to me.

There was no reason to pay attention, apart from the obvious weather extremes of mid-summer or mid-winter Sydney is a temperate place, and the supermarkets and greengrocers stock produce from all over the world. This last is the thing that kept me most disconnected from the seasons.  If the greengrocer has whatever fruit & vegetables you want, no matter what the season, then you don’t need to stay in touch with nature!

When I was a kid we waited until things came into season – cherries and grapes for Christmas, apples and citrus for winter.  Now everything I desire is at my fingertips & I have not idea what is actually in season where I live.

But now, thanks to the kindness of @kollektor who sent me his copy of The Foodies Diary 2009, I have the information! This tells me all sorts of useful things. This fabulous little book shows seasonal produce, recipes, festivals and farmer’s markets.

Now I know that in May eggplants, zucchini, celeriac, fennel, garlic & ginger – some favourite foods – are in season. One thing that disappoints is the dearth of markets on the north shore of Sydney, most are concentrated in close to the city or inner west/east.

A big thank-you to @kollektor for sharing his book with me. Now I’m starting to get back in touch with the rhythm of the seasons again – just like when I was young.

Dinner tonight is a vegetable casserole using all locally sourced vegies – but using up the last of the fetta crumble that’s been in the fridge since before the challenge. Really starting to hang out for some rice and chocolate!

Must note a protest – @frombecca was torturing me with her new website last night, it had some yummy looking hotcakes that definitely don’t fit within the terms of the challenge!

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  1. Do you know what phase of the Moon it is today? I do, but I suspect most urban dwellers do not. And yet the lunar cycle affects us all, because we’re mammals like any other.

    I grew up on a farm, at least until I was 11yo. Everything revolved around the natural cycles of activity — daily, monthly, yearly.

    One of the frustrations of where I live now, in Sydney’s inner-west suburb of Enmore, is that the house has been treated to block the sound of the low-flying aircraft overhead. I can’t even hear when it rains!

    What affect does that have on our psychology, I wonder?

    I’ve written more about that previously in Disconnected from nature.

  2. Hey Kate, love the challenge. Feel the seasons – GO ORGANIC! Not only will you only be able to buy seasonal food but it will taste soooo much better. We have been doing this for about 20 yrs.

    Not strictly & without dogma, but with the intention of trying to eat organic foods as much as possible, even when on one lower income.

    Our kids often used to say that the taste was very noticeable. The non-organic fruit tasted like crap by comparison.

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