Live local challenge day 7 #livelocal

Vivian from the Plant Bug Garden Centre

Had long distances to travel today – starting with a meeting with some of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) folks at the Garvan Institute in Darlinghurst. We were discussing Smart Technology for Healthy Longevity.  It was nice to catch up with Craig Mudge & Gordon Bell there too.

But it’s a long way from my place – about an 80 km round trip. Again the public transport options are a challenge with three train changes and a couple of long walks.  And I wanted to combine the trip so as to accomplish more that just attending a meeting.  Thus, on the way home I stopped in at the Plant Bug Garden Centre and met the very helpful Vivian (picture to the right).

I told her about the Live Local project and before I knew it there was a nice selection of plants for the garden getting loaded into the car boot.

my new plants

Immediately upon arrival at home I started moving them into their pots.  I’m using pots because, for some unknown reason, the dogs only dig up plants that are in the ground.  I have no idea of what to do next & suspect I’ll be asking Vivian for some gardening tips soon.

All of this fits in with my other Live Local projects – saying g’day and helping native bees . It also fits in with the 7 day challenge since I made the car journey serve more than one purpose.

Dinner tonight is just leftovers from last night.  It is very exhausting to have to plan ahead so much.  At the meeting earlier today I realised my local snacks were still on the bench at home, so I succumbed to a cup of coffee, biscuit & a sandwich.  Have continued to resist desire for chocolate but do think it is time for a restorative glass of local wine. I have been very grateful that the Hunter wineries are located so close to home.

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