1. caronnect

    Hey Kate, love the challenge. Feel the seasons – GO ORGANIC! Not only will you only be able to buy seasonal food but it will taste soooo much better. We have been doing this for about 20 yrs.

    Not strictly & without dogma, but with the intention of trying to eat organic foods as much as possible, even when on one lower income.

    Our kids often used to say that the taste was very noticeable. The non-organic fruit tasted like crap by comparison.

  2. Do you know what phase of the Moon it is today? I do, but I suspect most urban dwellers do not. And yet the lunar cycle affects us all, because we’re mammals like any other.

    I grew up on a farm, at least until I was 11yo. Everything revolved around the natural cycles of activity — daily, monthly, yearly.

    One of the frustrations of where I live now, in Sydney’s inner-west suburb of Enmore, is that the house has been treated to block the sound of the low-flying aircraft overhead. I can’t even hear when it rains!

    What affect does that have on our psychology, I wonder?

    I’ve written more about that previously in Disconnected from nature.

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