Project TOTO and Africa

His Benevolence Stilgherrian
Stilgherrian Xmas 2008

My friend and colleague Stilgherrian is involved in one of the more interesting projects around these days: Project TOTO.

Some background
There used to be an NGO called Austcare, and they’ve just changed their name to ActionAid Australia.

Project brief

Late this afternoon I received my first briefing note, and it’s reproduced in full over the jump. However in summary, it appears that I’m going to Tanzania on behalf of ActionAid Australia (from 1 June, that’s the new name of Austcare) to report on what I see, and to establish a blog outpost in the local community.

Now this is going to be a big adventure for a bloke who has not travelled much. There’s already been a lively debate on gnomes and who knows what else will pop up?

Those who’ve seen Stil in full flight on his show already know that hearing about his adventures as he goes off to implement some new technology with the folks in Tanzania will be fascinating. For those new to the force of nature that is Stilgherrian – it might be an interesting ride?


One thought on “Project TOTO and Africa

  1. I sense your friend will bring much adventure to the people with whom he works in Tanzania. All the best to you both as you give of your talents to help others stoke theirs.


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