Jambo to Action Aid Tanzania

Over the years I’ve  been conscious that much of the information we get about Africa is mediated by Western voices.  But here is an initiative that let’s us hear voices from on the ground.  In this case it is the folks from Action Aid in Tanzania, who’ve started a new blog called Jambo Tanzania.

It’s always nice to check out a blog whose first post starts:

To all peace loving people we welcome you to our blog in pursuit of a better world.

Rose Mushi, Albert Jimwaga & Abdul Kajumulo have bravely stepped out & are sharing ideas and experiences on their new blog.

Another thing that Action Aid are fund raising for is their new blog outreach program. The program started in Tanzania last week and this is a great initiative by an Australian NGO using social media to reach out.

Check out the details here & support this innovative initiative that will give a voice to real people who are working to solve real problems.


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