Get lots of followers on Twitter?

Many times every day I receive tweets from people saying ‘get hundreds’ or ‘get thousands’ of followers on Twitter.  And every time I wonder what their frantic getting of followers really gets them?

It also gets me thinking about the nature of social media and social networks.  What are they for?  Even more, who are they for?

Are they just a place to aggregate all the consumers to facilitate better focused corporate marketing? That does seem to be the attitude of the many people who exhort me to ‘click here to get lots of followers’ and the like.

The other thing that happens a lot is people challenging me to show ‘the power of my network’ by asking followers to do something (usually sign up for a conference or something).

I hate this approach to social networks. To me they are community gathering places not centres of commerce.  Sure asking people to take social or charitable action fits in.  But commercial exercises feel very unnatural.

No.-27-Scenes-From-The-Life-Of-Christ-11.-Expulsion-Of-The-Money-Changers-From-The-Temple-1304It feels like it is almost time to throw the ‘money changers’ out of our social networks.  Is commerce the only truly valuable thing we can do with social networks?  How can we fund social networks so that ‘commercialisation’ issues are not a problem?

The power of social networks to do good and to create community is immense – just look at the conference tweeting, social and political activism. Twitter has enabled ordinary people to harness the power of network amplification in previously impossible ways.


6 thoughts on “Get lots of followers on Twitter?

  1. Thanks to you Kate and Stilgherrian for colouring in both sides. It would be good to read a few more comments. Do SNS sites fulfil different purposes depending on gender, age etc? It seems to me (for example) that many people on Twitter are women 30 – 45 with kids who have to socialise in little chunks of time. That’s who I am & whom I seek out clearly. Looking forward to more comments.


    1. Absolutely SNS are used differently by people depending on their life stage, peer group/s, available time, other interests. One reason Twitter definitely works for me is that I can do it in bursts & still stay in touch with people. When I have free time at midnight hardly any of my friends want a phone call, but a tweet or two that they can catch up with the next morning helps us to stay in touch.


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