Community, caring and cupcakes

It was so touching to see a bunch of people who linked up via Twitter join in and participate in a community event like Cupcake Camp Sydney last Friday night.

To explain: CupcakeCamp (which was invented by Ariel Waldman) is:

… an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment.

There is some debate about the actual number of people who attended, but the consensus now rests on more than 70 & less than 100. The most amazing thing is the wonderful people who invested time and care in creating the cupcakes (see some pictures on the Flickr group).

We raised some money for the RSPCA to help animals, if you’d like to help too then here’s an online donation form. Please type CUPCAKECAMP in the Position field so we can track donation numbers.

It was cool that even people who were at another event raised some money for the RSPCA too (we did send some cupcakes over to them though 😉

I love how there is something about homemade cupcakes that brings out a sense of community that we do not often see nowadays.

A huge thank-you to CBS Interactive for hosting, to our kind prize sponsors, conscientious judges, and most of all to the people who cared enough to create cupcakes and share them with other people. Thanks also to those who came along to support and eat cupcakes (that was me, couldn’t cook a cupcake to save my life).

Think it might be fun to do this again next year? Please let me know via comments.

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