1. @KerrieAnne

    Ghandi was a charismatic walk on water on leader

    But he could not govern India

    Nehru was a charismatic leader – but less so than the walk on water Ghandi

    Nehru governed India (and established a dynasty)

    different roles

    sometimes the facilitative servant leader is not recognised as folks flock to walk on water leader who in fact cannot govern

    a truly leader is about creative sustainable futures – succession planning – otherwise all falls apart when leader departs and cult of the individual is very dangerous and seductive/potentially corrupting for walk on water charismatic leader

  2. Interesting that you mention this… I am working on a project in the UK that is about shared leadership (in the NHS), which just means that all doctors need to be able to be leaders, and followers, to ensure success. We have developed a Medical Leadership Competency Framework that is being integrated into medical training and will hopefully make a big difference in the future!

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