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Customer service and student support – QUT gets it

As both an educator and tertiary student I’ve been able to see both sides of the fence. A recent experience with Queensland University of Technology stands out as exemplary in both student support and customer service.

A change in personal circumstances recently meant that I needed to make a decision and act very quickly regarding my studies. And I required speedy access to some information about my options as a student in the QUT Law School.

I tried phoning the Law School and was unable to get through to anyone. Immediately I sent an email outlining my issues to Kaylene Matheson, the Administrative Officer (Student Support) in the Law School.

Kaylene responded within minutes, phoning to give me a run down of the options available. She then emailed me contact details for Student Services, who could fill in the last bit of information so as to finalise my decision within the necessary timeframe.

The next morning I called Student Services and spoke to a really helpful chap, who patiently talked through my options explaining the consequences of each. We had a constructive discussion and I was able to decide on a course of action. He then explained exactly how to finalise my decision & noted what records I should keep for future reference.

Both Kaylene & my unknown helper at Student Services provided support and great customer service. They were patient and helpful, taking the time to help me to understand what I needed to do. They are a credit to QUT & are great brand ambassadors!

The funny thing is that this makes sense; as everyone that I’ve dealt with at QUT has been helpful and supportive. Clearly this is part of their organisational culture. What this all means is that when you put the good customer service together with good academics and good student support systems (like Blackboard and website) it makes a good place to study.

Following are some of my off the cuff responses on Twitter:

“the student services people at totally rock – they are super professional & really helpful!!! = EPIC WIN!!!”
10:02 AM Sep 17th

“some other unis should learn from QUT!”
10:03 AM Sep 17th

“if you are looking for a uni for distance education I cannot recommend QUT more highly – a very professional & positive experience”
10:03 AM Sep 17th

4 thoughts on “Customer service and student support – QUT gets it”

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  3. A good entry. As a past QUT student, I can vouch for them.

    I’m currently going through my postgraduate options at other universities (long distance as well) and have found the process to be a bit stressful. I received a letter confirming my enrollment to start the Study Period 4 (started on November 28 2011) so I chose units appropriate to that study period. Three weeks after being unable to log into Blackboard and two very unhelpful phone calls and two emails to their student support later, I was given a range of excuses what have been unhelpful so ended up emailing my direct contact (I wanted to be sure this wasn’t an administrative/IT error). I was then notified that I don’t actually start until May 28 2012, which is Study Period 2. All this time, I have been stressing that I am missing out on my studies so it has been a relief to see that I am starting later and I am not missing out on anything. At the same time though, it has been a real downer for me because I have been mentally preparing and looking forward to starting my studies!

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