1. Hannah

    A good entry. As a past QUT student, I can vouch for them.

    I’m currently going through my postgraduate options at other universities (long distance as well) and have found the process to be a bit stressful. I received a letter confirming my enrollment to start the Study Period 4 (started on November 28 2011) so I chose units appropriate to that study period. Three weeks after being unable to log into Blackboard and two very unhelpful phone calls and two emails to their student support later, I was given a range of excuses what have been unhelpful so ended up emailing my direct contact (I wanted to be sure this wasn’t an administrative/IT error). I was then notified that I don’t actually start until May 28 2012, which is Study Period 2. All this time, I have been stressing that I am missing out on my studies so it has been a relief to see that I am starting later and I am not missing out on anything. At the same time though, it has been a real downer for me because I have been mentally preparing and looking forward to starting my studies!

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