A taste for travel: dinner at Universal

Had dinner at Universal restaurant the other night at the instigation of the lovely @frombecca & joined by the ebullient @CarmR and some other friends. 

Dinner was cooked by four of Australia’s most renowned chefs – Christine Manfield (Universal), Frank Camorra (Movida, Melbourne), Kylie Kwong (billy kwong, Sydney), and London-based David Thompson (Nahm).  The food was excellent – fresh produce prepared with style and extreme yumminess.

The wines to accompany the meal were from Cape Mentelle – my favourites were the sauvignon blanc & the zinfandel.

Apart from cooking the chefs shared some stories that had inspired their cooking; while Travel + Leisure’s deputy editor, Sally Webb hosted the evening, proving her skills as a barrel girl.

Will share some pictures soon.  But there will be even more photos of the food over at Becca’s blog Inside Cuisine.

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