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Social connectors for #followfriday

One thing that has amazed me over the years is how some people are natural connectors. It is no surprise that many of those folks have ended up on Twitter.

Here’s a few amazing people connectors that I follow on Twitter:

@hollingsworth – one of the mainstays of Sydney tweetups of all kinds (from #GelatoTUB to #nscm), an all round nice guy & one of my favourite people to catch up with IRL

@Rog42 – he’s all about mobile these days, passionate, opinionated and always good for an interesting debate on Twitter or IRL

@ScottRhodie – debonair man about town, with a bawdy sense of humour & a strange distaste for fish, heart of gold and up for a good ‘debate’ any time (has been known to drink beer)

@middleclassgirl – amusing, intelligent & wry; one of my favourite people for spirited repartee IRL or on Twitter

@amoir – adorable & entertaining but has been known to be a ‘bad’ influence on the tone of conversation (especially late at night and on @middleclassgirl & me)

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